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N0147: FOLFOX vs. FOLFOX plus Erbitux (Cetuximab) for patients who have undergone resection of Stage III CRC

This study is for patients with Stage III colon cancer who have undergone resection and have no metastatic disease and want to proceed with post-operative chemotherapy (adjuvant therapy).

Protocol number: N0147

Type of cancer: Colorectal Cancer

Phase number: III

Summary:  This is a phase III study for patients who need adjuvant chemotherapy after surgery.  Patients should have Stage III colon cancer, and no KRAS mutation.  The study compares the effectiveness of standard treatment (FOLFOX) to the effectiveness of FOLFOX plus Cetuximab (Erbitux), which is a monoclonal antibody that is thought to block the growth of some cancer cells. 


Carole Stromberg, RN:
Phone: 410-502-7171  

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