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Rapid Medical Donation Program. One way that patients with terminal colorectal cancer can greatly benefit colorectal cancer research is by agreeing to undergo an autopsy.

In 2003, the Gastrointestinal Cancer Rapid Medical Donation Program (GICRMDP) was initiated at The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions to supplement ongoing research of colorectal cancers. The principal investigator of this program, Dr. Christine Iacobuzio-Donahue, is committed to studying colorectal cancers that have spread ("metastasized") to organs beyond the colon or rectum. Information gathered from the cancer tissues collected at autopsy will form the basis for research directed towards the creation of new drugs to specifically target late stage colorectal cancers.

There is no monetary benefit to the patient or their family for consenting to an autopsy as part of the GICRMDP, and there are no direct health benefits to the patient by joining this study. However, we strongly believe that any patient willing to undergo a research autopsy at the time of death will making the single most important contribution any individual could make to help researchers better understand and treat metastatic cancer. Participation in this study is purely voluntary and it may help other patients and their families in the future.

Eligibility:  Any individual with biopsy proven or radiographic evidence of colorectal cancer recurrence or metastasis

For more information, please contact Meghan Davis MS, at or 410 955-3512
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