The Johns Hopkins Colon Cancer Center

The Johns Hopkins Colon Cancer Center is a multidisciplinary program providing comprehensive diagnostic testing and multidisciplinary consultation services for patients diagnosed with cancer. The colorectal cancer department treats patients with cancer of the large bowel and those at high risk for developing cancer of the colon and rectum.  
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Physicians from the departments of oncology, surgery, medicine, and pathology, along with a team of specialized nurses, social workers, and genetic counselors, are dedicated to the management and cure of colorectal cancer. The Johns Hopkins colorectal cancer health care team meets regularly to discuss every diagnosis, and to develop a coordinated approach that ensures the best possible treatment and outcome for each patient.
We believe patients are an integral part of the Johns Hopkins colorectal cancer health care team, and that the patient-professional partnership assures the best care. We encourage patients to take an active part in their recovery.
The Johns Hopkins colorectal cancer web site is designed to assist patients, families, and caregivers in learning more about colorectal cancer and the care available at Johns Hopkins. This web site is one component of the Johns Hopkins commitment to comprehensive patient care.

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This website is supported by the Daniel L. Edelstein Fund for the Johns Hopkins Colon Cancer Center.

The Daniel L. Edelstein Fund is dedicated to improving the lives of those with colorectal cancer and ultimately eradicating the disease.  They seek to promote community awareness and education while supporting innovative research to advance novel methods of early detection, prevention, and treatment.   They recognize the beneficial role of nutrition, exercise and complementary medicine and seek to understand and organize their role in both a comprehensive treatment plan and a lifestyle focused on prevention. By joining forces with the Johns Hopkins Colon Cancer Center, a global leader in healthcare, they are able to maximize positive changes for many people. 

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