Colon Cancer Screening Appointments

Its Better to talk about a COLONOSCOPY now, than COLON CANCER later. 

Don't take a chance with colon cancer.  Call (410) 955-4166

Schedule a Hopkins colonscopy today. 

If you:

  • Are 50 or older
  • Are of African-American or Eastern European Jewish decent.
  • Have a family history of colon cancer, or
  • are overweight, inactive or use tobacco or alcohol...

...then we need to talk, because you are at risk for colon cancer.

A colonoscopy can dramatically reduce that risk - and it's really not as bad as you may think.

Don't wait. Call to schedule a Hopkins colonoscopy today:  (410) 955-4166

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Colonoscopy Prep Instructions

If you are scheduled for a colonoscopy at Johns Hopkins please view general preparation instructions by clicking this link. 

For Physicians
We offer a Direct Access Endoscopy option for referring physicians to expedite patient care, which allows you to schedule standard diagnostic endoscopic procedures without prior consultations. Within three weeks following patient appointments, we will send you written reports of all procedures and biopsies conducted as well as further recommendations regarding surveillance. We welcome new patients and accept all insurance plans, and rapid appointments are available.

Colonoscopy Physician Referral
To request a colonoscopy online, click here.

To request a colonoscopy by fax, click here to download form and fax to 443-287-3847

To refer a patient for a clinic appointment, please call (410) 955-4166